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eyePutt Putting Stroke Mirror
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Are you tired of missing short putts?  Then the EyePutt Putting Stroke Mirror is for you! After your first time using it you will be a better putter guaranteed!  Most amateurs move their head/body and are inconsistent with their putting. The EyePutt Putting Stroke Trainer will keep your head still and you will become more consistent the first time using the EyePutt! Whatever your putting style you MUST keep your head still to be consistent. The eyePutt Mirror will also force you to set up the same each time. Ball position will be constant as well. 
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How To use The EyePutt Putting Stroke Trainer
Who will win THEE match?Tiger Woods
Phil Mickelson
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100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!
Used by over 1500 top teaching Professionals and touring pro's!
Contact your local PGA Professional to get yours faster!!
Made in the USA!
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